The Road Is Long, We Carry On, Try To Have Fun (In The Mean Time)

9:05 PM Etna Khairullah 0 Comments

Yes, that's one of Lana lyrics. We were born to die, darling. That's why we need to travel and escape to know that the road is rough then we can know each other on the way. That's we are. The burning desire human race. Feeling in love to everything and let's not worry much.

Maybe there's a big storm ahead and we found no cabins to stay inside then get caught wet under the rain. Or maybe we got lost to the dark road and none across, feeling shuddered of cold. But keep beholding and ride still to an embrace light ends. There maybe we can find the beautiful rainbow or nice waterfall. Or an evergreen valley under the snowy mountains.

Let's make an equal debate and argue each other about direction and native people language that we visit. And singing random songs at the night under starry ceiling. And dancing on a mad life. Because we are crazy and we suit this messy live so bad.

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