Hello little city, I'm coming back! Please be nice ...

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Well I think this isn't a promise but accidentally really happen when first time I came here. This city will never change, or least when it's really changed. So slow movement with the narrow minded people think they've been changed a lot.
The difference is just that time before I left, I've never considered that I was only living in a small pond until I swim million miles away to found how rough is really about living in big city. Not about living in different culture. I've never had culture shock since we'd like to move along.
So, back to the city means you'll meet your old friends, your old places remind you of something and old mistake that you promised won't do anymore. I'm getting sceptical and whining all over days. I shouldn't, I know I shouldn't. But really test my patience.
First day coming, I got heat stroke and the skin aroung my neck getting red because I can't stand the high temperature. It's really itchy that I always scratching it entirely even I took a bath to reduce the pain. Then getting to know that here was built a hypermarket what they called shopping centre. Yes, in my current city they also call it mall. As the size is medium for all shopping centre. Once I had time with my girlfriend, I asked her to peeking intp what's inside is. Nothing much. Two biggest shopping centre was a supermarket (it's really supermarket in big city) and a clothing centre. But people enthusiasm really big. I see the place is quite crowded like a situation of a biggest department store in west jakarta at the weekend.
After resigning from my job, my financial manager getting unstable. That's my tipe that can't save money for long time. I only saved for few months living as long as I'm seeking a job here. And once again, I got unfortunate. I lost all my money because I've became a cyber criminal victim and really I'm so shocked. It's really happen in here, not as long as I'm in Jakarta. No, that's never happen to me. Okay fine, I'll try to calm down. And because of that, I should really need to open up my worker insurance, and really, I still need the money. So I'm going to the department centre that where my insurance can be cash out. Following all the instruction and still getting it wrong until I came back for the third time, my documents qualification is still uncompleted, they said. I wonder if they're really getting me hard to cash out my money. Yea, I'm whining again, but that's really happen to me. So I was thinking than getting hard by their system, I'd better putting my application letter job to the companies. Oh, I almost forgot that story.
So, I'd came and sending my application letter job to all companies that requires a job vacancy. I mean reall all companies I've found, in the social media, newspaper, mouth to mouth, anywhere. I'm contacting them to asking whether if the job is still need a man. So yeah they said. But until one month still no progress, one day an aviation company call me for interview. From talking to all interview participants, can you imagine all of them? I'm the only independent person without knowing anyone from the company or anyone that knowing one of person at the company. I'm not gonna think this is one kind of nepotism until I got my interview result. But I only can count on my own skill though I only can wish that I'm qualified enough fprnthe job.
The days getting through. I miss the old days when I decide to left to the big city and grab a bigger chance of my career. What I know life is always rough everywhere I stand, and the only thing I can do is holding on. Being patience that for getting something that I fight for, it's so worth it. I'll pass this exam.
The good point is only some relaxed places never changed. I'm going twice there. You must be know somewhere that I mean. Yea, absolutely at the ocean. I love Neptune!

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