A Gypsy Soul A Fairy-tale Hearted: What Is Your Passion For Travel?

8:58 AM Etna Khairullah 0 Comments

It began from when I was watching a movie about Nomad girl. Then I had an attack of insomnia back and listen to classical music as usual until the whole night stay awaken. I remember Dad, I remember him and I remembered about the Wanderlust man. Then I realized that I had awakened from a dream. Beautiful dream about the landscape around the world where people are invited me to join them to go to amazing places. Forced me to get into the illusion that they create.

Then which direction conversation, that's what you've always suspected all along. Or you just follow because there's nothing that you can do during this time. Do you still like to travel, picnics, or as long as you really like this calls the "traveling"? Do you have a purpose behind it all? Is there anything you want to achieve? No problem, you can do whatever you want without having to know what you're going to do. It is your life.

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