Masquerade, A Korean Movie (2012): The Large Glass From Folklore In the North and His Kingdom For Our Country

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I had wanted to write articles in English but it's too late to think of grammar which is suitable for use. So forgive me if the English language may be chaotic, thanks to the help of Google Translate. Well, originally I did not intend to watch a serious movie, and later was attracted by the royal themed films in korea in antiquity. This movie took many moral messages to me who I would deliver to the leaders in this country, Indonesia. Since I am as a young man, sickened because not only I can only speak but also do little things to help this nation can begin to change our way of thinking.

Let's start with the plot of this story so that you more easily understand and take the same thinking about one thing. This story began when Gwanghae king Jiseon, the fifth king was suffering from severe pain due to being poisoned by corrupt officials of companies that try to do a betrayal on the king. Then the king who previously had found out about it ordered the Chief Secretary as confidante to find out if there is someone who can replace him to take his place while he was looking for a strategy of war against the traitors. But the king has already unconscious. From the day the king fake that replaces the role of King Gwanghae increasingly learn that the kingdom was not going well. He saw a lot of conspiracy to bring down the king's honor and power even to do anything, including making false allegations and killing innocent people. The Fake king that began just a pity the story Sa Wol in ladies taster of food became more empathy for all things in the palace like how to make a cold queen smiled again. Makes a lot of policy that should be resisted because of injustices like to let landlords do not pay taxes and provide tax for poor farmers who do not conform to the wealth gained from working in the fields. Initially, Chief Secretary Heo Gyun and chief physician who knows about the secret of the false king but now Chief captain also was suspicious on the king for many unusual things that changed him. But the plot more interesting because in the end the Captain Jo instead turned to defend the king fake. Chief Secretary Heo Gyun was previously apply very hard about the decisions made, but slowly grew to understand the false king, all the policies that he make is not arbitrary because the false king who increasingly enjoy a role increasingly more to learn about the people.

This story teaches many things what blinded the eyes of a leader is the power, wealth, and about women. King who had a queen should love his wife as the only lady in the palace. But he secretly visited the ladies were even known to take advantage of the opportunity with the king to poison and make it become oblivious to his nature to pay attention to the people. The unexpectedly Dayang are exploited by corrupt traitor minister to make the king be unwise to give a hallucinogenic drug, opium. Then the older brother of the Empress who were persecuted and threatened with death, later known as the king of fake has promised to release him to the queen, that he just shouted to the king Gwanghae because he felt the king had been blinded by a lot of things and become a tyrant cruel. But the ministers should have as his confidant for the duty of government to the welfare of the people had to do everything to defend his position but did not give a maximum effort to rule and bring prosperity to the people. They make a lot of policies that are contrary to human values ​​and rely on state law to take advantage of the things that are not worth it.

That's a little thing that I can tell here, there are many things that symbolize the country's constitution is awakened from what. Sawol is a symbol of the policies that apply to civilians who are not in accordance with what is in them. Then when the people are very trusting and loving king trying to convey the truth became victim armpits guilty. The elder brother of the Empress is the epitome of smart people in this country who can see things and shout it out loud but instead regarded as enemies of the state and sought to eliminated. While the civil servant who always do their best and sacrificed a lot to get the leaders of the most dangerous places even did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives. On the other hand people who had done little asking for a lot of things and demanded huge rewards.

This is my message to the leaders of this nation, I am not a scholar or activist engaged on behalf of anyone else. I was a young man as a free thinker who did the best I could do to provide good things for this nation. I do not know what I should do, but I want a lot of changes over the better. I do a lot of sins that mom and dad may not like. But when you become a leader you have to do is provide the best for this nation, if you think only on the basis of selfishness to secure your position so that your subordinates will think about you and they can do the same thing to themselves. Things may happen when you create a policy without first examining what is happening to the people, and think about what it should be the best you can do for them. When your people become ignorant and you should question them why they are shouting to you that they should be respected because they have entrusted their lives to you. You have to open your eyes and ears to hear a lot of things that maybe you do not like but really it is a fact. You must resist the temptation to focus on with your work private. Does not mean you should leave your personal affairs and forget for the happiness of your own life. We know, you too are human beings. Therefore, because we know you're not perfect then Inform us as well when you're confused which one is supposed to be your best decision for us. Because we will help find a way out. Remember, that in this country there are a lot of smart people who will help you think is best for this country. When they leave the thinking that has been well studied, then listen well too. If he is good, then do it. If not good, then think for the better. Because we are counting on you, then we sacrifice you to occupy the chair. And if not, we are there will be a leader for ourselves. And there may be later law of the jungle applies. So trust us, then we will believe you. Do the best!

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