MPH Escape Projects: Parang Rock Mountain Short Cliff Climbing

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Pack your bag and step out of home, that's the easiest trip plan to do!

I told that I will not going out until April but seems like my feet can't following my mouth willing. So when just woke this late morning my friend call me out of bedroom to follow him climbing near my town. So there we are, a bluffy small rock mountain in Purwakarta, Parang.

Parang is about 963 mdpl with almost 90% point slope but for you the expert in this field I bet that it is not so extreme. Because I'm an amateur and thank god I finished it without break my leg like current climbing. There are also steel wire available at every anchor lines to the top. This rock mountain has been activated as a cliff climbing line since long time but lately become pop up as a new adventure leisure area. Not so well known as Lembu mountain that still at the same district as Parang because Lembu has regular route as another mountain in lower level of slope and height. So it's really recomended for climbing beginner to start climbing at Lembu. But should be known that Parang can't be strike a warm at you that easily. It's really need you to high focus since the route isn't an ordinary mountain and you fully climbing the unfinished top. Besides, the management and preparation of the mountain isn't well managed. Since it's only two locals as guide and they are kind-hearted but it's not enough of feeling safe. You should hang on your self beside hang on the steel wire along the route. Be focus is the only thing to do when scare to look at the bottom. I am one of height fear.

Well, that's all my review about Parang. But all you should know is my beginning cliff climbing was open with vines alergic of Laportea stimulans effect. I feel so curious to capture wild sunflower and didn't notice there was some stinging nettle under the sunflowers trunks. So when I pass by some of vines and shoot pictures of my objects I notice to start feeling an incredible itchy sense on my legs. So I ran out of that wild grass troop and rushing to wash my self. But it feels like more itchy than before so I start to scratching my legs until the owner of dining hut where I rest notice that. When I told him what I did he told me he forgot to warn there was Stinging Nettle at that area so then he washed me with wet brown clay. So I ask him that it's really need to do. He said it's good as itch-killer than wash it with water. And I got dirt even before start my climbing. Well I learn, that's the worst curiosity I've ever done.

MPH Escape Projects 2016 was opened of Jogjakarta second trip with my (also) colleagues friend. This year beginning seems bitter for me because it doesn't run so well at first two months, so then in this March I try my best to let it go (as usual) everything that I was trying hard to hold, but it seems like doesn't belong to me anyway. So I let it go. And build up my self.

My first rock climbing is impressively leave some feeling inside my mind, not only because it's so exciting to do but also regain back some memories about family. Especially about Mom and Dad. I don't know why but this is the closest feeling that been touched me on way to the top. Let's go back to the trip review a moment. Parang has same name as one of Kinabalu hiking trail's name, Ferrata. But it uses V letter, so called Verrata. We go by Verrata line. Nah, I revised this writing, since I went there again yesterday (14 March 2016) to accompany my other colleagues partners. I search for what Ferrata meant to be. So Ferrata in Parang rock mountain is the second one after Ferrata at Kinabalu rock mountain in Malaysia, it refers to a definition of rock climbing methods of using steel harness and iron steps on the climbing line. Parang rock mountain has one single route, climb up and down at the same line and because the access is limited so me and my friend should wait on the line for our turn. There are five members at my turn where my friend is the only male in there. Three strangers beside me and him are colleges girl near my town. They are cute girls, it reminds me of friendship and family from their story. So because we can only hooking the rope only in one single line, and I was on uppermost place and my friend on the lowest queue. Since those three are beginner and they go slow, my friend can't chase me up. So there I am. Leaving them too far onto the line. I was too high to go back down and waiting at upmost iron footing and have a seat for a while.

Viewing around the scenery from above is the best feeling every climber does. But for me, rewind some memories of the past and taking lesson is the best moment to do. Suddenly I remember a children song that my mom and dad always sing for me while they carry me at their back before sleep. While staring up to the stars, maybe some of you know the song especially when you're javanese. This is the lyric:

Dondong opo salak, duku cilik-cilik
Gendhong opo mundhak, ojo thithik-thithik Dondong opo salak, duku cilik-cilik 
Ngandhong opo mbecak, mlaku thimik-thimik

Adhi nderek ibu, tindhak menyang pasar 
Ora pareng rewel, ora pareng nakal
Mengko ibu mesti, mundhut oleh-oleh 
Gedhang karo roti, adhi diparingi
Dondong opo salak, duku cilik-cilik

Gendhong opo mundhak, ojo thithik-thithik 
Dondong opo salak, duku cilik-cilik
Ngandhong opo mbecak, mlaku thimik-thimik

If I have time I will update this post with my voice record while singing the song, but for temporary while waiting for me you can listen to the song below:

The song sang in High Krama Javanese language about a mother that will go the traditional market and advice her children to stay calm while they went. It's been told that mom asked her children whether prefer to get a pickback or frontpick. She said that she will buy some loaves and banana as long as the child followed what her mom said.

I suddenly remind when it was a very long time when me and my brother are a couple of little scamp that love to mess around with our mom. That's the most cruelsome days she must been ever through. We'd love to fight every single days and hitting each other. But my dad was just laughing at us, and sometime give his best eye contact that more scareful than Amaterasu. But now, we separate each other, which is made me so much missing them especially Dad. I wish I can enter a time machine where there were only we four keep the company and cheering every adventure of a lifetime together. I miss my family!

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