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This split one single holiday inspire somehow to put on some plants on the backyard when I came home few months later. Ahhh, I miss scoop, shovel and wet soil!

Here in this super hot city I feel so lazy to grow up them since there's no empty land to grow either I have no motivation what's to grow. But let me remind of my backyard in our current home before we move away from that paradise. My dad loves to plant and grow many botanical species where I love to see them blooming. I don't know why but people are usually say there are some kind of people who born to have cold hand that with the bless can easily grow anything with their hand. My mom is the opposite one. And I am standing at the mid way whether I understand well how to plant but can't grow them well. Usually I plant some of chilly as example, they grow very well from the sprouts but won't grow taller like they keep that scrubby size. Even they won't produce any chilly neither they're not dying. Really represent my life huh!

Turmeric, ginger and Galangal are useful as household herbs. It's good as health treatment and also well-use in the kitchen. Indonesian recipes always compose of this ingredients in any menu of cooking if you notice. Especially Javanese cooking. Also, as your information there are hundred of herbs that useful as above in my backyard. But what I love the most is their beautiful flowers when they bloom, so colorful! They were located under water tank of beside that troop there are some pots of bougenvilles and begonia. For a strange reason I don't like them. Because this plants are spoiled, they will become withered if at afternoon I forgot to water them and my mom will be mad at me. I don't like them I swear!

Do you know that Cosmos has useful leaf in Javanese people, we usually use them as salad along with our spicy sausage or well-known as Sambal. What is my dad's favourite menu. Mom always serve sambal with some half-raw vegetables from early leaves of such as kenikir (cosmos), papaya and cassava. Fried Tempe and fresh fish. Wolla, the best menu in the world!

Why do I talk about food at the time like this???? I miss my mom! No exactly I just miss her cooking.

Well, go back to the plants.
Before the lands around my house area was full of new houses. It feels relief and lax to grow our plants. But since the kids of neighbour running here and there like they don't care and so they swamps creatures land up to our house backyard (because our house at mangrove dried lands edge) the mangrove varanus comes and hatchlings and some of snakes until our backyard seem like a tropical mangrove zoo. They're hiding at our backyard plants and neighbour say it will be dangerous for the kids so we started to decrease the amount of our botanical to the limited only left some turmeric, papayas and mangos tree, also one jack-fruit tree.

One day when I will be marrying someone, I want to have my own gardening area at the backyard. I will plant my own of whatever-I-love plants, flowers, vines, fruits, herbs, whatever! And so I will have my own private time with my kids to teach them how to make the earth feels friendship to the human. It will be good to tell them stories while sitting at center of our garden of listening to their daily stories when they grow along with my plants. That's not delusional, it's an affirmation!

Before the land full of human, the earth living are only plants and animals. I have been grown near to nature, then when choose to living in the big city I feel the turn over in life. The society that I always succeed to behave give me new social experience. Why do people seems careless of their around what is mostly important in life only looking for money and pride. Their sorrounding are temporarily relationship that easily to broke. But when they feel so stressed out they go away to the nature. Nature isn't a place to visit, it's a home. That's why many people bring out their habit at their current place of careless to nature when they going out the nature. It seems like they're so-called 'nature keeper' but ignore of how the action to the nature affect the next step of what the society think about it. Like when you go to a beautiful place at still out of reach, still virgin as a paradise. Then you go tell other people to know where it is, but you warn them to keep the beauty of biodiversity. They won't get it as the way you tell them. They, however want it as bad as they need a place to relax their time and go show the other people again that place is beautiful. And so and so the circle goes out bigger and bigger. Until the nature becomes exploited.

So this time, let me know your feedback to tell about your gardening experience with your family member. When you were kid or now when you have kids. Come on guys, I want to know your feedback too!

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