Keep Holding On, Good Man!

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Hey you my good man,

I wish you're doing good there. Have no idea if you still read mine or not. And have no idea if when you found this I'm still holding on you or not. So have no idea if we end up happily or just over like it never imagined.

Tonight, I sing this song and wrote a letter for you. I wish you can get me clearly because I always say honest and openly to you no matter if you can accept it or just decline it like my feeling that I finally show to you. My good man, you're growing so fast than the first time I met you. I'm so sad but gladly happy and thank to God. All those stupid things you did, finally I know why it is. All those stupid face you made finally I know how to miss it. All those stupid world of yours finally I startled on it.

That maybe you're getting down because of things you can't handle independently. That maybe you take a choice that hurt me so much, that maybe I take it wrong way this time. That maybe you just need me to fix your broken hearted mind or I just did it wrongly again. Stay strong good man! Take your fist up and hold it tightly to the air. Show the world that nobody can get you down easily, and put a smile to the sky. Because you are a sun of the world. So shine it up!

Did you remember? When I say maybe one day I'll never can say it clearly and open to you like before. Now the gap between us happen truely like I never imagine it. Sadly to say that it's all my fault to be blame. I apologize deeply from my heart for being in love to you who should become my bestfriend and mix it with my selfish idea to take you away from your world.

The days we'd been through since I see your face but never imagine would be the last chance to see you that I should smile on you that time. I am so happy when my days fill with you even more you make me disgusting to face people. But you just want to chill out and I can't balance you well.

One day, when you read this. Remind me for what I always say to you. Wherever I am and whatever our relationship goes on other days, I keep this promise to you. The door lock is on you. And it will never change until the end. I will always be there and support you. Go after your dreams and keep holding on! Keep holding on your true and nice mind that I always adore.

A friend of yours.

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