Tell My Love That I am Dreaming

11:54 AM Etna Khairullah 0 Comments

Tell my love to wreck it all,

Cut out all the ropes and let me fall,

My my my, my my my, my-my-my my-my...

Right in the moment this order's tall.

By the moments of loving someone and let him/her go time to time I've never learnt. That I was only living in a dream. My expectation of people is too much big and I can't help my own self. Ego goes to the wrong way. Let me ask someone to unfix it. Do you need any words more from me? Definitely not.

Let's not to talk about love to human anymore. Ocean and Skies are beautiful. Let me smile please. Let me love them who silently makes me happy days by days. Not too hurt and ignore that clearly understand how I need to be cured.

So do you. Let your self to be set free. Don't do hesitating things. Don't expect too much from someone. I just hope you to love me the way I do. But you can't do that right? Your definition of love is unsame right? Let it  be. Love yourself.


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