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I know I have that gypsy soul with a fairy-tales heart and nobody believes me. But it's okay, because Kenji does. She's my Voldemort part of Harry Potter that being awkward of his own bad sides.

And this is my first writing about Kenji after those hundreds of writings. I know I am not a good friend to show how I care about people, but I try to take care and make people sorrounded me being happy. Kenji and I are about approximately 12 years together. I remember the most of memories in when we were two young girls at high school who love to make a mess and being busy of our own magical and odd world.

We share the same books and making fun being a stalker of our crushes. Being mad to the same high-minded boy bestfriend and talk about the same music. We also love to imagine that we can travel around the world by the encyclopedia we read. Pretend we were somewhere and enjoy the atmosphere of being a wanderer there.

From those, we know the unique thing how to share stories of the day. We wrote a letter in some particular days of the weeks by wrote about the stories that had been through. About our classmates, teachers, the new crushes, the math, the biology classes that I miss because since I was in Social major I haven't attended the class anymore. I was still following the Biology classes even I was in Social major since grade XI. Because my index accumulative is minus from Science class specification. But because I really want to still attended that Biology class and many times escape from History class. Then both of the teachers are gave up on me to let me attended the Biology class under the term of when my History teacher was absent. Kenji the one who support me to not get down on other friends in school who thing that I was weird. She helped me to learn Biology and I help her in English.

Kenji knows me so well. Even I got mad to her and going away somewhere she didn't know to make her get away of me for the last two years. But you know what. the best part of doing that is you realize you'll come back to your bestfriend when none in the world is using their true face to be in life with you. Because when you realize that not a person who always know how to solve your problems but being a listener of your problem is the best thing in the world you could find from a bestfriend.

Now I am separated far away from her and will be going more far away from her. Because my dreams about travel the world and visit some odd places that I don't have any clues yet. I want to travel and share her my stories and all I want her to do is to actualize her goal too, having an abroad scholarship.

Let's affirmate our dreams together Kenji!

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