I'm in Love to Indie!

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Let me share my not-so-much Indie playlist to enlight your grey december sky!

Like I told before, I'm going insanely in love to Pop Indie. Yes me, who when in love will be going abnormal and random. That's why I put the playlist over and over day and night to my daily earfeed. I want to feeling something that make me in love for anytime.

Giving some strange feelings. Grey but not too dark, yet not bright. Feel like dragged into somewhere deadland of december cold weather but suddenly got that above grey skies go around away from the hiding sun. Like standing alone by wind breezing cheeks and fly my silky scarf. Or shovel away those snowdrift outside a lovely cottage of  local villager. This loneliness and freedy spirit wants me to hide from crowded person and places for just being somewhere maybe just to writing or just gaze around with no care.

For the next several years, I wish my dream can come thru. About being a wanderer somewhere in European continents with my lovely man while im' doing to finish my books. God, I'm in love. I don't ask for anything because I know you'll never granted what I want. It is more to what I need. So this time, just please do what you will do like usually.

Oh My! Look at this girl, been too much imagining things unreal. Sorry for gather you into my fairy world. And this writing is just become random, like I told when I am in love.

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