Monologue 27 : Mrs. Smartest

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She packed up her black bags at the midnight of gloomy Saturday for going away somewhere by an incidentally flight ticket she bought incredulity. Losing mind of a lost is the most painful thing that anybody wishes to die at the moment. Why she always bring up that thing all over and over every time she got down? Because she wants people to know to stop punching her just because she's petrified! People are always hammering and scratching on hers like she's insusceptible. The only thing they should know that when she wakes up and realizes about it one day. When it is too late, traces are wound and swollen. And she's just a small human of an ordinary life. She's just too naive to think that everything are lovely like she expect it to be. Help will always getting helped. Smile will always getting smiled. Praise will always getting praised. Loyal will always get a loyal person. And love will never get betrayed. Such a too-pure hearted!

Talk to anybody like they never hurt. They are not you! They may can say to ask you how you feel, to ask you how you think, to find any advice from you. But you are a badblood girl! Your bloody mouth can kill a bird, your mind can ruin a state and anything you suggest will erupt a mount. So just doing good to people insanely, being a human being pleasure. Just smile to them and sink your anger deeper, keep giving entirely affection, keep apologize mournfully, keep that one sided love, and doing any help to anyone who ask. But never care too deep into, they will ignore and leave off. Stop trust in people. You are such a foulest human God ever create!

But she's imperfect. She doesn't have any feelings. That emotions she shows just to give radar to people that she appreciates their life. She is numb. That's a shocking and cruel reality she has been born with no heart inside. Who is her mom? She cries, laughs, angry and sad in different figures that human will never can imagine she forgets all suddenly at the moment. You can say that it is psychopath syndrome. She might be. She might be too hurt or she might be not living to save any hatred inside, those all joyful she enjoyed it. She's been running from places to places and door to door to looking for any affection to get. Such a pitiful!

How can a heartless gets any love? She knows nothing, people are deserve better. Who's that stupid person will take the space?! Give her a chance to learn how to feel, like everybody else! She wants to know how to heart pumping, how to bloom and how to feeling rejoice. She just want to be loved!

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