I'm Exist On You!

7:38 AM Etna Khairullah 0 Comments

I told I would be worry if one day I'll never can talk so openly like this because scared that gap between us getting larger. This morning, please let me tell you something that maybe will shock you and I'm ready for any feedback I'll get.
I don't want to know your feeling. I just want you to love me. Please teach me how to feel in love and making me more calm and happier every each day. Love me as a bestfriend, a lover or anything you describe me to be. Maybe I sound ridiculous, but I start to believe in people again. I know we're not gonna going to a happy ending, but let's just start it. If it's something bad, then it's not an ending. Let's restart again happily.
From now on, I'll be honest to my self and you. About us. Just let me trust you. Because I promise to give you a smile that you'll never have.
Best regards,
A bestfriend.

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