Hippie Pre Wedding Concept: A Wedding Goal By Random Girl

5:41 PM Etna Khairullah 2 Comments

I know this gonna sounds crazy but I randomly muse about having a pre wedding photo concept in doing a hippie style with my future husband. (wait ... husband? wedding? ah nay! you are not miss-catching the words)

But why? Statically random thinking is my hobby but imagining of having a pre wedding photo concept isn't a sin. Even I don't know yet when will I get marry Hahahaha ...

So I who going mad of Lana Del Rey in other way this lately try to upgrade and expand my music taste of Indie by looking for any reference of another singer in the same genre. I, who loves music were going here and there looking for any references.

At the end of my seeking I finally found a word that attract me deeper. So all by the way young people who loves Indie music are classified as a Hipster. Yea, I exactly know what is Hipster. They are my one of childing-dream, it is alike a Gypsite style. Driving a Van and doing fancy things, travelling somewhere undirected. So do people can recognize gypsy by their fashion style. That's absolutely my biggest dream ever! But my knowledge of Gypsy wasn't the same as a Hipster. They look alike the same but not same at the meaning to be alike. Sorry for my abstract explanation. Ah, both are awesome! And you know what, I also read an article about how to indicate someone if she/he is a hipster. From point to point, all are almost in me. I mean not in fashion stylish part, but more to the daily lifestyle.

Back to the pre wedding photo concept. Oh My! I feel like a little clumsy to talk about this, this is so abstract. But well, I want to wear a black large knitted cardigan and long waist boots while wearing a dream-catcher necklace. With my natural make up on it.

And my husband (I mean my future husband) will wear what Hippie-boys wear. Plaids collared shirt and a black T inside, he wore bangle bracelet set and arrowhead necklace. A pair of Brown Chromexcel Leather Shoes. Then drives a ’66 Corvette Sting Ray, Yeay, we'll do the scene of photos and video session somewhere full of tares field and the landless road or a midnight road scene would be fine.

The script would be about I meet him because incidentally I walk pass by the road while he's driving the car. Then I got angry so he need to give me a ride or I'll draw my Katana to his face. Katana? Yesss!!! I love of being so dramatically undramatic a Samurai-girl. Can you imagine it? It is also symbolize that my meeting to my husband is because we both are on the journey then coincidentally met on the way of where I being rush of my own business to going somewhere at my hunt and he's spending time of his leisure time. SO, it's not really a big sin to admit that I really want to realize some of my wedding concept and make it become thru. I wish I have time to make it thru. To my bestfriend.

Don't be too serious! I am the one who should be serious this time :D

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