Dialogue: Foncé De Javu

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"I'm in love to you!"
"You can't fall in love to me."
"But I try to catch you when you're falling down."
"I fall, but not fall for you."
"But I ask to say in honesty."
"And I don't do clearly."
"But we're sharing much stories."
"I need any pleasure."
"But you say you don't want to play anymore."
"I don't play, you're playing by your self and make your own game. I follow."
"Did I expect too much from you, or did I do too much for you?"
"I keep the real."
"So, I am wrong."
"Maybe ..."
"Then will you leave me like others before?"
"I don't know."
"Then will you apologize like others"
"Then will you tell the bitter truth?"
"If I should do."
"Then why you come and make me believe in magic?"
"There's no magic in the world."

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