Perfect Mate Made In Heaven.

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Look at me, kind of misery!
My panda eyes get swollen night to night by this lately, gosh.

Okay this writing is not for me, exactly I'm in a shoe of having no inspiration to write about something useful this time. So, this is just some random thinking of mine that I suddenly remember. About perfect mate and about heaven. I'm agnostic, I can't really tell about God that much detail, just in case I know whose my God.

Well, here in. One day in my office, I talk to a girl that now isn't working in there anymore. She tells why boys never be fast and proactive to express their feeling, she really wish to know her boyfriend loves her that much as she loves him too. She told that she misses him but can't tell and just giving some girl's code (that I hate to do to someone). In term of condition by the boys side I don't understand so I can't offer her my best solutions. So, I told her this way. Why you don't talk to him in person say that you miss him? (Hahaha geez, this naive girl is just too naive. I can't even tell someone that way too). It's just a simple matter of talk and only silent, human are not born to be a fortune teller. So do they are not bornt to be highly reactive to personal signs. Just tell them directly, he's her boyfriend they have a relationship and it doesn't matter if she told him. I think he'll understand. (Except if that boy isn't in relationship with ya, just keep hoping that he'll get your code. ahh shit! I'm being over sensitive T.T)

O yea, I don't remember the next part but suddenly my screen skips too a part where she told about that boy who made a relationship with her, she's not sure whether she chooses him right or not. Why? Because you know, it's a nature for boys to be a  player, in case if they were already a gentleman. And yup! That boy is a player, and she's just a part of half possesive couple type. Who always ask for major priority from him. (Me? I'm not, to be honest, I can't T.T) Okay back to them. Then only because he's a player, nope. Because that isn't a person who she imagined could be with her at her rest time. All kind of girls in the world must be imagine that they will marry to someone whose perfect in their mind. That boy that she told me is just an ordinary man and careless.

I've been thinking out loud, is he really that suck? Then why she choose to still be together, why they don't just break up before it goes too deep? Is he also think the same way about that girl? Oh my, I lost my thinking suddenly, wait ...
Yea they finally got married. Don't ask me how. Story ended. New chapter.

So how my Dad meets my Mom, and my Mom meets my new upgraded Papa. And other things of couple stuff. There are so many people out there could be better than. If they choose not to be in love and try to find another chance, they'll find better. But they choose to be together and convince in their rest time to the couple. They are still together, and they're fine. At least until I'm writing this right now.

Do some people always expect that someone they never imagine become into reality that they're now in a permanent relationship? Do they keep compliment on each other's? Is it a matter if they stumble and fall at the long way? So why do keep grumble all the long way?

God, in my perception. Gives the best for his people. He knows what's the best problem and give it in the same package with the solutions. Any questions have an answer. Any moments happen in causes. Any sins made to make people learn how to get his bless. And any couple has their own. So do when God gives you that person to become in your rest life, even he's not even the better one than others. Believe Him! He gives you the best you should get.

I keep watch them and their journey. And it keeps me stay awake that I will still find any miss in someone's personality. Even if I found the right one, I'll always find he got something that he shouldn't got. Something I don't like. I will need to understand more, I will need to care and hope that maybe he got slow head to understand me, or maybe he flirts behind my back. But if I keep compliment I'll never get one of either.

And I don't worry too much, if I can't find the perfect one for me. Even I'm not sure if I were a good person in God's eyes. I know He will give me my best partner. Even if I still will argue with him or we got bore to each other's bluck but I'll keep thru. I won't complain. And my duties to help him get up when he falls down. I'll be there for him at his worst and best moment. To make sure that he's being loved. I'm not just asking for perfection, I'd like to give my best before get my rights. I know he's not perfect one, but I know God will give me my best man to be a lifemate. Because I know, that perfect mate only made in Heaven. The immortal place I will belong.

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