Heart and Desire.

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I'm not so smart enough about life lesson. My dad is the only one who taught me in basic of not only a religion but also human experience. In school, I've had soooo so many religion rules and Holy book gives me many directions of life, as my teachers told so. But lately I try to find my self whose lost inside my own mind and has been asking deeply into my inner soul. What am I looking for this time? I still don't know.
I still can lose on my way too. Mischoose and stumble then fall. I cried many times, being scared to decide if it's blur on my way. And regrets on many past life times. That makes me can't forget my last mistaken. So, one day I had a discussion to my bestfriend. He asked me how do we can distinguish between heart and desire?
I don't know, I'm sure honestly have no clue at all. I'm just a little girl, my life is short. I was just reborn some years ago, being mature to decide even something I still learn about.
But tonight, I found an answer of  something what he ask me for. What I am curious about too. At a scene of movie that I've ever watched (many times!). I seen a man that confused between letting go something that he wants too much or chasing it up because he needs it. Then come to the way he's hesitated, his passed-away-wife come to his muse to close his eye. He'd shut off a moment and let him self think deeply to know what he will see. It is the answer that he's really know exactly from the beginning. He had enlightened and assured, has been seen the deepest of his heart. That should go after what he's been told because he needs it. That if from the first story line would be told what is something he really need. It is not what he wants, but he needs it. That's also the reason of God meet him up again to that past life part of time, to give him the second chance. I clearly understand now, why Wiseman always said that God will not always gives what we want because He knows what we need the most. So do this man, what he needs is something that will make his life better, something that will calm him down and something that will make him happy.
Wow, that's unconsciously what we left about! He should know this, my bestfriend must be very happy to know about this. I feel so much blessed by God. He guides me directions to where I should be, to what I should do. In many ways, if I could see His signs. He's everywhere around me. Just like when I visited a company some days ago, on the way I see a tagline in somebody's car written about: "Follow Your Heart" so do I said to my friend, "Look! God's giving me a sign."

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