Damn Country Music!

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Hey Dad!
I miss you ...

And I miss country songs that we use to listen when we spend our weekends at home.
Last night I dream going back to Bali, that place you took me away of Semeru's valley from the first time I was bornt. Isn't it Batur? But why I see snow covered the top? It is like Etna hahaha I laugh dad. But I see at the other side of its part had been burnt and dried, just left some singed trees. At the window of place I stayed, I see Cherry Blossom's petals are falling from the blooming tress. Then around I seen green wooden and soooo fucking beautiful, ah yeah ... there is a waterfall. Waterfall dad, I miss that waterfall that you took me there when I was 4. Do you remember?

Dad, sorry for pursue you to listen to me in this difficult way. I haven't find any partner yet. He's the one who can exchange you by doing fancy and crazy things, someone who can make me dance and sing like a nut. Place where I share stories and listen to me carefully. Where never ask to be understand because I already understand. You know, that when you are here you will be saying that "Oh girl, don't chase him! He's not your kind of boy!" Hahaha but you say in silence and I already know it. I will be honest to you. I don't think I'll find one sooner dad. I am already hurt of him lately. Before I know whether he loves me or not. That's the point, I don't know that he's kind of pure heart or just like the others before. Dad, choose for me one from heaven, or at least make him awake!

Yeah I am not sure if I can go or not but this weekend, I hope I can bring somebody there. I plan to go to a place, near to water. Always water, because even I am a mount nymph but I can't keep my self away from water. And my element is earth, that was fucking irrational isn't it? Why you give me that name? I am so hilarious happy and amazing. Thanks Dad!

See you Dad, I'll tell another story when I am in good mood. (Because now is not)

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