A Leader Between A Group of Women Subordinate Members

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There are so many leadership theories to prove and to direct a boss and then let them indirectly know that their member wants to be understand. It is said about team working, about encouragement as a leader and about how to improve the jobs and duties to increase carrier in personal. But have any article shows in more specification of subjective way according to the gender subject? It is professional, I know. But human are human, the nature is still human. Man will be act like a man, and woman's nature are women's stuff. I've been so confused this lately by article or writing, in a willing that I'll find any bright idea to shock me how can a leader be so much beloved, and be so much hatred. I found none.

If found a trouble, all we have to do is find the source of the trouble. Causes. What causes it? The background. Pardon me first for writing in English. My post has been updated and linked to Google Translate at the right side, so if you are lazy enough processing to translate the language by your manual brain just go click the translation beside. Back to the topic. What cause a leader being so love-able and being so hatred by the subordinate? Is it because they give you big salary? Or because they are easily give you off day as you wish it? They know the reason that makes you sick yesterday and being late of coming to office without you even tell them? Or, in naive way they encourage you in any other ways and support you anytime that you ask them about helping you in your job? Wew, I appreciate that. Really. Or because they can't understand you in your personal sight and had been made you fed up of their one sided decision? Make you feel confused by their random orders. Then blame you for the unfinished job they require? Or they expect you bigger than your ability but you've already try your hard and he can't accept it? Yea, could be.

The understanding now is not only about how that "boss" leading the subordinate members anymore. But about how they "understand" them in personal sight as a person if the office. That is a part of member in the company who helps run the whole part of little role in the job-desk. Especially when a company hires a group of woman. Their personality is not alike gentleman. Woman's personality are little bit complicated, nobody can't offer them just straightly like a man. Man will be doing what they get from their leader to think about it later, or lately think about it. And they are very fast to do that. But woman are slow, not slow. But they need time to think why and how. They need to have any specific reason behind it to move them forward. It is not about being unprofessional to their job, seriously not. Do the company really think they are the person who is capable to do that responsibilities? How if they can't made it up and if the company change their sight as personal. It is about they want to know how much their company appreciate their skill behind all of those tasks they have been required. And more about, a leader's decision will be count by the subordinate till the end day. It shouldn't be sometime we have some leader that capriciously change their mind about something and at the other day ask if that has been done as it is said before. Anyone, not only woman. Will be confused by that statement of anyone. Woman are born with good-point of memories to remember what had been said at the past days. So it is rational if a woman will be asking for evidence of what they have been heard before, even it is not seriously being said at the time. Being encouragement is also different in woman's sight. It is not only accompany them in their job or helping them when they find difficulties in their job. It is more to asking them if they need a space to do that alone or they need help. Woman wants to be appreciate but they are being too high for asking help. It is woman's nature.

Yes, woman are hard to be understand and ask a lot of willpower. But hiring woman will be plus points instead of some part of job can only be done better with women's role. If a company choose to hire a woman, there will be another woman. There will be another outcome they will only get from woman. It doesn't mean that man can't do any good points too that they don't need to be hire. Between woman and man are different role play in the company. In this case, woman is only need to be understand in the way they are. They work as professional but they come as a human. They are not robot whose can't be touched by any sensitive things. The good point is just touch them in their heart so they will be dedicated and love their job. So do the opposite will be deliver the opposite result.

Then, am i writing too personal? Just because I am a woman. Not exactly, I am half woman with huge part of brain being a man since I was born. So I hope that my brain wouldn't be so manly this lately and I don't want to look like a call so smart because I am not. I just want to share my thought about this lately chaos that has been disturbed me. I am seriously lose my focus. I will try to going back to where my higher level of good achievement and I hope this will be fixed sooner.

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