Untuk Laki-laki Dari Kaki Gunung Merbabu: Epilog

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If your hope scatter like the dust across your track
I'll be the moon that shines on your path
The sun may blind our eyes, I'll pray the skies above
For snow to fall on the Sahara
If that's the only place where you can leave your doubts
I'll hold you up and be your way out
And if we burn away, I'll pray the skies above
For snow to fall on the Sahara

My daddy says, when you travel you'll leave you lovers. But you'll find person in a new place, a stranger that will take care about you. So, don't worry! Go far away ...
He's a good man. You should know him someday.

This, this is for you. For your 26 OLD years bornday. I have nothing to give you. I just want to show that I'm trying my best to you. Then if you're not okay I write this to you. It's fine. That's what bestfriend do. They''ll do their best to gain nothing from you.

Hey you, old-enough-silly-badboy! Be better than yesterday. Just disappear after saying something to make everything's clear at least. Then come again anytime you need me. I'll be there for lean my shoulder and my ears to hear your stories from your stupid life. Sorry for write in English. Sengaja, biar makin greget!

Do you know why I give you that "Snow On The Sahara" but not "Fix You" as you ask me? I give you a message that you don't need people to fix you, you're not sick. You're one kind of God creation that living in the world with meaning. I also have my downtime after my dad passed away, the pain is still deep in my heart. That was the worst time of my life that exactly I don't want to share to anyone. He's my only man in this world that I only can tell ever sins I made. I am still a loser even now. Bukan pengecut, tapi orang yang tersesat. But I'll find my way. On my own way. I don't want to feel bad anymore, because my dad will be upset on me if I do. Treasure your life! Don't feel bad, just share when you feel light to me.

I am not shy to tell people that I care about you. I just don't want people to think that you're gaining something from me. You're not. I know, since the first time I see you. Then just don't try to show people that you're bad, to tell them you're strong enough not to be hurt. Or to try catch the attention. You're popular enough already, with your stupid things. Don't make your self uncomfortable to the society that you dislike. You'll be sick if you do. Just do what you think it is right and watch people do what you think it is wrong. Let's get mingle! Don't you say to be my self about anything I want to say? I don't want people to see me bad but also don't care about my image. Just move up for what I believe. And you have to believe your self too.

I'm not giving advice, I know you're older and better than me. But you have to listen to this little girl when she talks, okay! Karena saya sangat jarang bicara.

When you're reading this. Just maybe call me or text me or something. Living with a bestfriend doesn't want to talk to me made my day very bad. I just think that I've been doing wrong on you. So I am sorry from my deepest heart.

Best Regard,


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