Sweet: Monologue

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Indirectly provide disease with the molecular formula C6H12O6.
Energizing, processing respiration and feeding
From those sweet words produce much candies
And others cake and drink.

Eat properly
So you can feel the side effect permanently slow by slow
Load everything inside your heart
You've been praised. Aren't you happy girl?
He's good enough huh. Does he give a sign that you're one of the special?
Obliviously can't clear how much that special count on persons
Remember it.

When eye pressure reaches 20mmHg, you'll get glaucoma
You'll become unable to see around
Before, another leads to emotional instability, migraine, blood vessel constriction and others
You'll be crazy. Crazy over him.

The disease will get your body hurts while you can't handle it
Then it will be going down from your eyes, you shed tears
Did he even care about?
You'll never know the answer. He's not yet will tell you about.

Everything is tasty unclear
But squared and transparant
Like a sugar cube.

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