Sweet Love Around Us! #LOVEEscapeProject

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I don't know how they're met. But I bet for their happiness at the end. Though have no clue for what's up straight. I meet them on my way back to God, where that path is belonging to my lonely world. I see them fight, make up, argue and fight for each other's. But I always ask, did love need that kind of emotional things?

I have my trip always trap on my own mind so this time I decide to go with none of my business on it. I don't want only to feel in love with strange place and people. I want to also feel the odd of being an audience of a show that I can't even understand where's the interest on it. I go to accompany her to visit his house, in the small peaceful village and there where I should write about them.

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Yes, they do need. She loves him too much so that she conquers him to not let him self doing anything wrong, on his side. Anything dangerous, anything useless and anything makes her worry. Even e did much lies, makes her cry out. But there I can find something makes me feel awkward, how could they still be together? He haven't tell her where he goes, she doesn't let him to go anywhere outside after dark. He's not a kid anymore. that's why he's not a kid anymore. No rule, nothing tied the freedom of adult. Why he keep doing such as fool things? Something that he know it is useless for him t do and not his time anymore. That when she scolds him, he goes stoned heart. He's a man, he's an ego. Nobody can defeat man's ego.

She has to lie to him anytime he ask her where she'd gone. She's going outside, with her friends. Mingle and bounding into the society. Also does that for professionalism sometime. I accompany her. She did sincerely, there's no doubt for doing as a reason to cheat him behind. Why he keeps being insanely jealous? Why boys keep make a girl cry out? She. Only. Can. Cry.

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They keep making love. It's still on the road. They will keep doing it again, across the blues. Apart and greeting again like first love. They can be rude but can be very sweet at the very bipolar acts. Shout out rude words and flirting into each heart's. Sometime doing confession of sins. Be imprisoned by let not to talk to anyone or being a fool and act like a misery child then laught out loud when found out it is very funny to tease each other's.

The world is belong to someone who falls in love. Put them selves on fire and shoot the gun to the opposites, who try to defeat. Even-tough, it's a parent. They will never care about.

Then, where will it lead to? Let's read them. from page to page. And let them being what they are and what they will be. We are just audience and not the part of love story. We should create our own book, one day.

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