Partner Needed! (Delay To Early 2016)

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Hey guys, 

Sorry for disturb your such kind of leisure time in this holiday but I just want to share about my plan for escaping at the early of next year. Spending much time for doing something my busy day as manufacturing robot keep me walking in dead. I just want to go back to my life, bringing back my soul alive. I usually going away for many months and travel somewhere far that even I don't know. Then forget where's the direction to back home. But lately reality keep me considering my self. Just get out to escape, then going back again like a normal. Encountering live and deadly death.

I really wish can go climb up to 3726 Mdpl on early 2016  (Edit at 15 October 2015). Firstly, just want to get on top by my self (if porter also needed) but deeply think about lately being too much alone just disclose me the society. And I'll never tell you how many I was having climb experience. So I ... this amateur and unimportant person who love to escape and going through the horizon, invite you to be my climbing partner on 2016! Because I need a friend to let me talk as a stranger or maybe let me hear your stories as a stranger too. And I'm good enough to be your personal photographer where you can very able to post your nature styles in social media because I have no compliments how much you want me to take your photos, in any way you want it, as long as term and conditions only.

There's no continuity after the escaping project ends. But you still can call me friend neither if I meet you pass by me on the street let's just say Hello each other. So, there we go!

Just submit your mail to me for knowing details of my plan. I hope I can find the craziest, weird and stupid person can be my stranger partner to go to summit together. Let's get lost!

Best Regards,


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