I am mumbling. Is it a bad day today?

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Pfft, I am stucked.
I just want to write right now and please anybody not to peeping in silence.
I just want to be alone.

I am so sad. I just want to tear down. Really bad day.
That's why I dislike to tell people about me. Having secrets in life is so damn badass stressing.
I want to keep it by my self. But people around expect me to understand them. So I explain, something that I hate to tell anybody else. But then what? They just walk away. Like stupid? Come On!

I just try to understand people. All the zodiac-telling are suck! My Virgo isn't always egoist, We love socialized. Prefer. But we don't want people to bother our 'Me Time". We are open, we try to understand anything. But we're so easily deeply-think about what people may react about our acts. Did they get hurt? that's always important to be cared of. But hey! what's the point of that? Nothing.

I grow a special zone for some personal. I'm not looking for people give their best love to me, I just want to care for people around me. I want to joy when they'are down. Cheer them up, Support them. I want to accompany them when they're laughing and sometime being the reason of. Also I want to them to feel comfort tell me about any of the secrets. I won't tell. It's 24 years proof. They are the best to keep me feel comfort in life. It's my big problem. I open, they go away. I move away, they ask me back. I want to be encourage. Not to be ignored.

And why do I keep say I, I and I? Because I want to when I tell people about me. They can accept me as I am. Like I always try to do with them. Especially special person.

Hope tomorrow will be better.

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