Bad Happen Ending Fairy Tale: Monologue

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All she has to do is wake up from sweet dreams
Or from further imagination
The Banyan trees are oxidized  with blue air
To emit poison for the late one

Sleeping beauty will never find a true love
The last one who coming near by is leaving
He got mad
From the latest clueless thing she doesn't know why and how
The world also get mad

She lives under the slum hut inside the jungle
Sink deep into her deep dark broken heart

Where was he gone?
Did something happen to his horse or the troops?
Nope, he heads back away
To say that the raid is over
He even doesn't want to peep a little into

She wishes she was just never born
Or nevertheless being know what is emotional things
It starts from the first love curse

So they, who should have been written in the book of matchmaking
Or who they will be that God the one knows only
Walk apart from each other's encounter

By choose not to know and learn much about the opposites
And become alone and desolate and the very happen ending.

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