This Lately Insomnia Return: Monologue

11:16 AM Etna Khairullah 0 Comments

Myth of an awaken baby girl in the midnight saying the folk, that your loving one
Is dreaming about you?
Then when you dream about hiking a mountain many times means you really need to go back to nature
That maybe eat your thinking lately
Muse and deeply analyzing the accuracy of the moments

Legend of gloomy quotes in the lonely evening
Is he truly muse about you?
Remember how sweet words describe nothing than vain emptiness
Those all pinky promises at the mid Javanese ocean
While you'are prohibiting to throw the ring deep into the water
At the midnight, under five billions stars

Fairytale of people whose support for love conquer to happen happily ending
Never mind!
Just release all the madness sink into deep of your dark heart
Then let people become fake that you deny to become untrue
Try hard to cry in deserted breath
Ignore and ignorant are the best expression you can describe

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