The Trend Of Nature Conqueror : By Monitoring The Social-Frame Effect In Personal Objects

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Hey guys, I'm coming back in seconds!

Anything can't kneel me down easily.
This topic is really heavy. But I'll deliver a simple message for you guys as considering for this lately social screen I had. Not too much. Just as a reflection.

But nowadays stories are being too much standardized. If you go to a beautiful place and need people to know how great is your stories you need to prove them. This habit adapts indirectly into a mass-media report.

Did you guys always take any photos of you whenever you are going in travel somewhere then post it in social media? Yay, we all do that. But, come on amateur people! Does it become any of proof that you are able to go anywhere you do and show it off to the world? What is the real essence? Nope, exactly i am not angry or going crazy about your privacy. You have the right of right.

But what I am talking about here is not about your selfie posts but about how you get it and indirectly not enjoying your travel journey. It takes you to going obsessed of how good your looking when you are travelling. Wear the best outfit, get the best pose, ask people to take your photos (even sometime you ask so annoying you don't realize it).

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Then when you go back to home you check it one by one of you best photos (who knows you pick all) to share it to people. Did you ever remember how the wind blows at that beach that time? Did you ever remember the name of person you ask where they come from? How's their holiday, with who they are going along?

Tho, if you do. Nice to you. Nice for me to know that you are not some kind of selfish person who useless to go travel if you can't enjoy how the feeling of being a stranger and fall in love with a new place, living even as a person.

Travelling is not about how you got people will see you. It is about how you think the world is still good enough to be your living, to thank God for this abundant natural resources. Enjoy travel guys! :)

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