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I don't think that he would know the feeling that I had been have. But I already realize it isn't his fault at all. I'm just the one who being unfaithful, hiding behind our friendship for this 6 years along. I don't ask you to change become ignorant to me so it is your right to change too. I just be unusual and think I've been changed too that maybe you don't like this anymore.
We've been together. I'd just will try to save and memorize all the good things this time before this one sided parting I decide. That we had good times to share our amazing stories, grow bigger together then make fun and laugh about silly things. All your good words that you told to get me up from my sadness. All your encouragement to convince me that I am stronger that I could be. All your great stories about journey and adventures are amazing. That indirectly ask me to jump out from a small window of my room onto a bigger world outside that I found so amazing. Thank you for being such a very indulgent man that have time to let me tell about my bitterness about life. That you never have no time to lend me your smile and say that everything will be okay. That, Don't give up until when you get a chance.
I told I could be forever in life with you. I told that you are the greatest thing that I made it in my life. But I can't fight alone. If you're not at that point anymore. Then it means things aren't the same anymore. It goes aside from my dream. I was the one who's been too much imagine about beautiful things when globe is still running. I think that I don't know what to do now, if it isn't with you. But time will answer it exactly. So, I am okay. I will say goodbye quietly. 

Ah, I am not good in saying anything. Maybe one day if I know my truly feeling I will say it detail.

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