Stop The Sweet Monsters!

9:59 AM Etna Khairullah 0 Comments

I hate it when I talk to people about the real bad attitude, and I say I don't want to look like I am Good but actuallu I am Bad. Now they think I am really bad. But is it a matter for people whose the real good guy?
Yash, the answer is truly YES!!!

But you'll never can imagine how to be me. Just all the people on your face truly turn back on you but saying that they hate a bad guy like me. I am just trying to look not to FAKE. That is all.

Some stupid people are standing on the "right" place to stay look like GOOD PEOPLE by believing what in they heart they deny it. How can they alive this time? I choose to be BAD guy if they were the GOOD guy.

Okay, Thanks. I am done!

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