Feminine Ego : Monologue

10:04 PM Etna Khairullah 0 Comments

I just want you to hold my hand and shut your mouth for a moment
While we're watching sunset
Then let me come to your sweet dreams
To just rush you be in love for me

I am an unfair lady
I can't farewell sunset, but I'm hoping for sunrise
So do I, want your love but unprepared to delete the past
Would you call me tonight?
Maybe just pretend that you misscall me by wrong number
Then ask what I have been doing
I will try my hard to let you come in

But from the last time I believe
I was being left, in a funeral of my dad
So do I don't want you to love me, while there's someone rest in your heart
That I'm afraid you'll left to, before you woke up
From your stupid life.

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