The New Ocean Desktop (Drug of Sea-Sickness)

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Hey guys,
Good morning!

I'm sorry because if you try to find this post yesterday then fink a zonk.
Because there's something cause me can't posr it like supposed to be.

Actually it isn't so special post. i just want to tell now I have a new look of my working desk. like I told you, I've been missing ocean very bad this lately. The salwater creatures are always make me happier. But I want to keep them save. So it is possible to catch them all and put it as my aquatic pets. Then because I still can go near to there nor take a beach holiday then I bring it into my near by, include my working desk.

Well, here it is. I browse some of the sea creatures then print them out. If you want to make the ocean theme like me but don't have any reference yet about those sea creatures name. Here it is:
1.   Shark
2.   Whale
3.   Sting Ray
4.   Sea Eel
5.   Tang fishes
6.   Squid
7.   Clown fish
8.   Dory fishes
9.   Sea horse
10. Fugu fish

How to locate them to look artistic is separate the litle creatures and the bigger creatures like whale, Orca and Sting Ray. You can also add the picture of a diver or snorkeeler. At the top of your corner dekstop add a wave curved shape as ocean wave and then put a jumping swimmer above the wave.

So, try to bring your ocean save.

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