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Arh, I can't sleep! Though my Insomnia is back because lately I felt dizzy before going to sleep. Or maybe I've got Anaemia again. Or maybe both.
Hey Amateur ppl, this lately too I don't know why I'd love to post about my cooking menus. This doesn't mean that I love cooking and very expert about it. It doesn't always tasty. Neither it ain't my hobby yet.
Well today, I've made a little experiment in the kitchen while I still have some stocks of some fresh vegetables.

Here's the ingredients:

1 pack of bean (green beans)
A fourth slide of cabbage
A handful of white broccoli
half pack of mushroom (I don't know what kind of this mushroom but it shapes like mushroom)
1 ear of corn

And for spices are:
1 strand of leek 
3 cloves of onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 medium ripe tomato
and conditionally cayenne chillies
For natural essence, use 1 cube of ready use chicken broth.

First to do wash the veggies and spices before you slide them. The tips is don't wash veggies after you chop, it will detract the vitamin inside. Then slice them spices into pieces, include tomato. Move them aside while you're ready to chop the beans, cabbage and white broccoli. For an ear of corn you can slice them horizontally to take aside of only the seeds. Put away the ear we don't need it.

When the stove is ready, put oil into frying pan and let it heathen. Do you know how to see if oil is ready? Put your hand above the pan and feel it.
Put the spices into. Garlic, onion, leek, chillies  and tomato. If you can smell their aromatic, pour the chicken broth slowly.
Here's the step to put another ingredients after it. Chopped fish balls » mushroom » corn » beans » broccoli » cabbage.

Wait until the colour of vegetables change paler. It means they are almost done. Prepare your plating and make sure you already cook the rice. Hope you're not fail to try this one. Be an amateur chef, everyone!

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