Not Escape Series : A Little Picnic On The Rooftop

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Hey Amateurs Ppl,
Haha I'm back and you must be not curious too much about me. Aku mah apa atuh!
Here well, today I feel so happy because finally I can meet up with one of my soul-mates again, Fruits! Finally, after we got a new refrigerator and I can buy as much veggies and fruits I want, as long as my wallet still fit in =D
So, why am I still talk about here and there? wth!

Fruits Party Mix Yogurt, DraMa No Sugar Jelly and Ice Shake Matchà Latte

All you need are : Dragon Fruit, Indramayu Mango, Banana (Sunpride, should I say?!), Kiwi, and Mandarin. For yogurt mix, I use plain one. It's very pure and you can use the rest to make another yogurt next time. Quite safe huh?

All you need to do is just easy enough, slide all the fruits into pieces then put them into cute bowl (this will help you improve likes if you want to post on social media such as instagram, path,  tumblr, facebook .etc) Then after all, spoon about 4 bit of yogurt to mix them with the fruits. You can eat them directly, but it's better safe them in the cooler about 15 mins to let the yogurt and fruits melt together. Because they taste better.

Fruits Party Mix Yogurt

Ah yea! Another one fruit party ( as you can at the display below) It's a DraMa Not Sweet Jelly a.k.a dragon fruits ft Mango Jelly for No Sugar snack. I bought a cute jelly mould but when I put the liquid jelly into it and then it's done with absurd shapes. Haha, I think they are too cute ( I mean small ) for my fruit slides.

See how to make it in other post!

So, the last one is Matchà latte ice shake. Arh, I'm not endorsing guys. I swear! But I'd love to and really fall in love with Matchà latte from Allure Esprèciallo. It's smooth as my skin and low sugar like my face. When the stressed days come out, it's my drug to I run about. Hopeful.

Matchà latte from Allure Esprèciallo

There you go. Now you've got a new amateur learning about how to be a famous amateur person in social media, all you need to do after do this unnecessary thing is don't forget to post. Use much hashtag, mention the famous account and ask many likes as you can. But don't forget to follow this amateur blogger too on the instagram: @etnakhairullah
See you in another amateur post!

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