Manufaktur 7 ( Unfelt )

10:17 PM Etna Khairullah 0 Comments

The fullmoon above tonight sky is unfelt just not similiar to the last nightlight
Why am I sitting in here and doing nothing, while I can do sleep well
At least not write about you, about him or about them
My mighty fallen.

Don't you love it when they come and go?
The fase that you'd love being so cold than serve their desires
Why don't you tell them that you're generating all things
Whether you ain't have any feeling, you can't feel anything

Why'd you love to keep it inside and being so introvert
In the other room another man being schizophrenia
And you're frozen inside your self
Can't forgive anything, can't forget anything
From the past and another past misplaced mistaken

There's a killer inside your soul
When nobody knows except you and God
Soul that you sold to human being sake is now sinking deep into the darken ocean cave
Only you and your God know where it burried and how to find it
Or a lucky treasure hunter
That loves experience darkness bottom of water

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