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Hi guys,

The amateur ppl. Did you post about the last instruction that I told you?

That about being look-healthy post of fruits bar.

In one picture I also put the display of cute shaped jelly. They looks fabulous exactly. Just because I did wrong to put it off, some of them become absurd. Hahaha

Well, the simple way to make it is just cut your mango and dragon fruit into square but make sure cut it smaller because we need to fit it in the mould.

Then the rest thing you should is boil your jelly powder in the hot water inside the pan. (absolutely potter, who the hack will use pan anyway?!)

FYI. It's not sweet. I told you. I don't put any sugar into. So it's a plain jelly. Then after it ready, pour to the mould that you already put friuts into (one couple of dragon fruit and mango). Let it cool a moment. Don't put it directly to the refrigrator.

Even I don't put any sugar into. It's still sweet. In my version. Doctor said, I can't have much sugar. I will have glaukoma and diabetes. I'm already sweet enough. Bye.

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