The Bachdim's now live In Japan!

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Hello Bellas,
Argh long time haven't write now I'm bringing back shocking news (or I doubt it's just me who just know about it hehehe)

Haven't you ever since where's Irfan Bachdim belong now? The right answer is you should ask her wife, Jennifer Bachdim. Wew it's just a few days ago I talked to my officemate about them then tonight I found Jennifer Bachdim's Instagram profile. Then I go check on it. (Sorry I'm naturally a Kepoh girl from birth)

So as a respectful and responsible stalker all I need to do first is follow her ig. Then I go check everything.

She has two children now, a couple of cute family. Kiyomi Sue Bachdim and Kenji Zizou Bachdim. I don't know about the current occation of Irfan Bachdim whether he's still playing soccer or nor. But Jennifer seems very enjoy with her fashion blogger stuff. It can be seen in her photo feeds. She's really can leave her model world entirely.

FYI, as shown in her bio. They live in Sapporo, a district in Japan. Then seems like they live are so adapted by the Japanese. Maybe because Jennifer's background is half Japanese. But I hope that they all are doing fine. Then one thing I respect on Jennifer, she never hate people who make her feel disregarded in Indonesia. Even she wants to go back here. Hope we can meet on day, mrs. Bachdim =)

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