My Opinion for Bali Nine Death Execution as an Indonesian Young Native

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The execution of the Bali Nine death row inmate is not without seeing the human rights (as is being intensified world now). Many aspects must be in the review by the state before deciding ffor rejected clemency from the state death row inmates.

It is also to show to the world that our country Indonesia not dent the mental state, which is easily snapped mlempem so in other countries. Drug dealers, everyone knows. They are the root of many problems the criminal, this is not only a threat to a country but also the world.

Then people talked about the importance of giving HUMAN RIGHTS ntah to anyone, including those people who are already clearly guilty of breaking the law in our country. Why even Indonesia blamed by citizens of the world, just as we had previously seen never killed anyone. Then suddenly we look dirty because killing bad guys? Whether, if the children of the nation in our country die of an overdose, or at least they can still survive but make the crime rate increases and create other social problems, if you will understand that they are not directly kill slowly generations of our nation? Are we going to let him? NO.

On February 13, 2006, Denpasar District Court sentenced Lawrence and Rush with life imprisonment. A day later, Czugaj and Stephens received the same verdict. Sukumaran and Chan, the two figures are considered to play an important role, sentenced to death. Then on February 15, Nguyen, Chen, and Norman was also sentenced to life imprisonment by the judges.


On 26 April 2006, sentenced Lawrence, Nguyen, Chen, Czugaj and Norman was reduced to 20 years in prison by the appeal, and Norman became a death sentence. Chan and Sukumaran still sentenced to death, and Stephens remained sentenced to life imprisonment.

Let's see what we actually try to explain to the world. This case has been around since 2006. We have seen many who never give up no carry and smuggle narcotics into the country of Indonesia. And this time it's time we show that this country is not a place that can be freely used as a means to transact or to conduct free trade of illicit drugs.

Henceforth, after making the world trying to understand that the State of Indonesia wisely in response to such cases. What we'll do next is to make sure all the actors involved in combating crime and other narcotics work consistent in doing a good job of this. Never wavered with instructions that are not in line with the objectives of the nation. We love Indonesian people, then keep the nation's security and well-being of generations.

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