A Little World of Folk Child Memories (Ocean Life)

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This is the second one part of my childhood mosaic memories that I've been recollected again. About our lively happy little nomaden family. And about my little ego-world as a new-born cute baby boy that in the future I call my stupid brother. And indeed, about my one and only daf in the world.
I've ever lived in an island as firehouse keeper. We stayed in an litle island near to Anambas regency islands, Berhala. This is the best and most beautiful place that I've never imagine that I had lived in there once a day ago.
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That island saves such a mixture of mystical and beautiful nature atmosphere. The ocean sorrounds it is so purely blue and tosca, I just remember I can see corals and sea creatures at the bottom. So many fish, that's our food resources everyday. My dad fished it, and I did. Just join him, I meant. One day, he bought home a fugu, and I ask him what kind of creature that we will eat. Ehm, he can't say it, maybe I'll be too excited, as it is my first time ate ugly prickly fish in my life. For the rest, he'd love to ask me join him on sailing our little boat that tied to the hut near by dock of firehouse.
I'd love ocean since I was a little girl. I love to see fishes and those lively bottom life. But I can't swim at all. I only stay at boat when my father dive to the bottom, then he popped up with fish. And I clap my hands. Yeay! We sailed home again. Across the mangrove forest. And seen sea monkeys swing from branch to branches. And he. My dad loved to prank me, it's realy my nature that everyone so easily can prank and threat me easily. He'd loved to left me alone on the bridge. Then, phoof! He disappeared. And I can't cry for something I think it's weird to be cried for. I know that he's still in there. But I don't know where.
When we walked home, he told that he hide at the pole under the bridge. Oh! I think he's like Goudini too sometimes.
Back to our little house, I had a cherry tree front my home. Exactly two, but the other one was become conflicted as its belonging has two person in charge, me and my adopted sister. Lately that tree belonged to me. Because I'm the best at climb a tree, and the difficulty of raise it harder to her capability. But my high cherry trees are my kingdom. A place of where a little princess entirely study to dream high and imagined peaceful of future. That high spot is also give me much space too see everything below and above. Skies and Ocean. Things I love. I can see the arrogant of Clouds and silently adore their beautiful movement, like bosanova dance. And nature voices are the best thing that God give to us. Waves, wooden creatures, birds are God music. They are the best genre in the whole world.
Continued ....
Can I sleep please? I'm too sleepy right now. Thank you. Hope you're curious to the read the next mosaics.

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