My #30dayssquatschallenge of Dream To Gain My Booty Hahahaha ... Kidding ! It's about healthy life by doing exercise. That's the deal is.

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Hi there the amateurs people of crazy-ing workout! Hahaha I know, I know ... you've been very attracted to this lately trends of being muscular and sexy and the same time. Not only for men, but this fussy getting bigger for women excitement too. I mean we start to look  down at our fatty tummies and think when will it becomes small and have gains. Even my life's included to the healthy life, I don't eat dinner and rarely consume snacks, fast food or soda drinks or any ever unhealthy food materials but my body isn't good in appearance. It has distended and I feel harder to move and doing my activities. Also become lazier to do anything and being lackluster.
When this lazy blogger think about that she can't see that fatty tummy any longer, she browses to the internet and found out how girls can be skinny but have muscular at their booty and don't know it looks so perfect! I wanna be like them, I wish I can have their body.

Hey, come on! Once I say that the Google Images really snap me right on the face. "Dude, Don't wish for a good body. Work for it!" You know what I mean, that s**i is right, absolutely right. So here we go now, I've been too lazy to explain to you more about it just be consider is the common idea to start build your gains. Start it right now!
I've made my own challenge of doing squats. If you don't know what is squats. I describe it more like when you're in the position of half squat, put your knee right up in front of your toes but not too far. When you're ready at the part (Are you practicing this really right now? 0o0?? ) OKay, then set you arm in front of that knee. Start to pull it in and up. Right as when you want to jump. But don't jump please!
Then my squats challenge will be occur during 30 days of its own schedule dedicated for an amateur beginner like me. I follow the squats schedule in the Internet (look! it does everything in this world) My 30 days squats challenge has 4 days of work out for squats and I do that every night at 8 p.m after back home from office. I'm not following from the first schedule but directly following by the dates of today. Like it's 14 April now it means I'll work for 135 squats tonight. But I've been improvised with it. Not only doing squats. but add it also along with Jumping Jacks and sit up. Ever night 40 Jumping Jacks and 30 sit ups.
Here we go. I'm not the top of my laziest part of life to explain about anything. Then all you have to do is do right like in the instruction at this below video. Work it out, Dude!

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