Healthy Breakfast Features Avocado (From Befitsnacks Instagram Recipes)

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Yepp, that's my new morning breakfast menu. I don't go for diet, for your information. I've been had the worst experience with extreme diet and my body is too tiny to do diet right now, I mean look at me. They will think I have anorexia if I did hahaha. It is I just think to start putting healthy foods inside my body. Ehm, anyway I already started to be vegetarian since 2 years ago. Just vegetables as much (especially lettuces, raw carrots and broccoli, oh I love them so much! Just eggs and fishes. But I still can't avoid chicken processed beverages bahahaha I still try, step by step!
Okay, since this year I start to really make my body grows in proportional as my weight suits my height. So, I promise to my self I will make a glut breakfast so then  I supposed to not eat much lunch because
restrained my morning intake. Then one day I open that instagram profile that interest me because it posted much kind of vegetables and fruits like yummy as never. Then suddenly I go to market a the afternoon after working to buy some avocados and eggs. Yeah, I only think about those two things to start my healthy recipes. Because the others (vegetables and fruits) are hard to find near by and exactly is wallet depletion.
I found one recipe that interest me to try as my first healthy menu. From the Instagram of #befitsnacks they do many avocado processed recipes, once I found it was:
A half done boiled egg
Some avocado mashed up
A grain bread (Wheat bread)
Mr Salt & Pepper
A plate (indeed)
If you know the recipes, would you still need me to write down how to make it? Argh, you must be know, smart dude!
Okay, here it is. Just mash up one peeled of avocados and put them on your whole grain, ah wait! you need to boil the egg first. Then when the water is almost effervescent, it means your eggs was half done. Take it up to put it on the cool water then open it, cut into two, three or four parts. Up to you!
Walla, done?
Yeah, that's how I make it. But sometimes I do a little improvisation for the recipe. Because I don't really love savory taste for morning then I put the mashed up avocado with honey syrup. The whole grain matches with honey too then still need that egg. But not raw. Don't worry it's still healthy as long as you don't use sugar as additional. Anyway do you know that honey is the best natural sweeteners that won't make you have glaucoma either diabetes. But it will increase you body fit and helps to control sucrose inside the body. Then don't forget to add Vit C extra. To remind you this edition is for office stck so I pack it as it fits into the tumblr. If you stay in home just do as the first suggestion guys :)
Oh yeah, almost forget! One other recipe, again from #befitsnacks. It is still about Avocado and Egg. All you need are:
A whole grains 
Mashed up Avocados
Crispy fried eggs no fat
VCO oils

Look at it and yea I think I still need to tell how, don't cha?
Well, here it is. Fry your egg with celery. Don't forget to put salt, just a little remember! Then cook it with virgin coconut oil, don't pour much. All you need just brust the oil into the pan as enough to fry your egg. While waiting for your bread toasted. Mash up the avocado. Then all done in together. Put them as the display shows. (Sorry I must be the laziest blogger that you've ever met >,<)

Okay, the last thing to do is thank you for #befitsnacks and  #bringingfit for waking me up from randomly and mazy breakfast menus. Another time I will start to do it with another fruits too that absolutely still not draining my wallet hahahha
Tout à l'heure! Try it too guys, adjust it with your favorites. The best to remember is : SUGAR, SALT and others made in flavour (MSG) are unhealthy if you use them not in the suggestion order. Drink enough plain waters and do exercise everyday. Let's be healthy, Let's be fun!

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