A Little World of Folk Child Memories (Hut Life)

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When I heard a folk song of my favorite japanese singer suddenly rewind a childhood memory. I was in a house to the hill top. My house isn't so big, It is enough for three of us living. A white half wooden house. That time, I'm the only one kid, that's why I'm the focus in the family to be prioritized. I don't remember my age, but it must be I'm still a little sweet girl. My house is the only one house on the hill. so I don't have any friends. Every morning woke up to see my mom and my dad plant corn in the field. Ine day she said, don't laugh or smile. Don't show your teeth when you're planting the corn seeds.Then I ask why? Because when it corps, the corn will be incomplete and non beautiful. So next day I stop to help her again. Because I'm just a little girl that can't stop smiling every time, at least that time.
I'm just a litle girl that love to play. Because I don't have friends near my home, I follow my dad anywhere he goes. In my memory I still don't understand what's jobless, my father doesn't have a common job to do. He assisted a farmer that has large field, my parents help him to plant, corns, padeiy, and long beans. I'd loved to help then in the harvest month, the young longbeans is very sweet, I love to chew them in raw. Lucky, the farmer didn't plant carrots, you know what will happen then.
Our family was the side affected of Javanese people immigrants of Indonesia goverment program for equalization of population. When I was a kid I did not know that the island of Java is the most populous island. This imbalance causes the government to evacuate most of the population of the island of Java to the still sparsely populated areas like the place I stay. The odd is, I still don't know and can't remember where exactly I was. In my mind I just remember that all people around me talked in Javanese, smooth Javanese language.
When I grew up I still not understand. I just remember it that my dad has so much time to go with me. Sometimes, we go to the waterfall and see buffalos took a bath and we did too, sometime explore the (bendungan) and visit our far away neighbours. Seen their gardens, pick up some wild fruits and collect bird eggs in the forest that we found on the way home. If we went to downtown my dad used a bycicle he take me at the back of bike then I sang very noisy. I've ever fallen from the bycicle until one my knee left a very big wound that bleed me out. But I didn't cry that, I don't know why. Until now, I'm 25, the mark is still in there in my knee. We watched Kudalumping show at the downville, my father said there's a man can eat glasses in this place. But I don't believe. I think that he was lied to me. But the shows tell me my first magic thing, a man can eat glasses to, with no plate and spoons. When I grew up I thank god he has no job like when I was bigger.
My memory with my dad is irreplaceable. I know when I was adult I made so much troubles that tears him up. Now I can't say sorry anymore to him. All I should is not throw away my life in wasting it meanless and obviously pray for his best place in heaven.

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