Monochrome 1 (Winter)

10:30 AM Etna Khairullah 0 Comments

Let me loving you like winter
Where I can put on my boots and coat together that I should be
Where I don't need to feel it
The upside down of sunny and rainy down
Let me love you like an iceberg
Neither you will melt me down by the hot of your temperature
I do need you like a rustic fireplace
I do, can't live to walk outside with no earmuffs around my ears
And when the night comes, the cold breezes my tongue while I can't see your face even any little shadow you shaded
Tell me if I can kill my self by another times like I did before
I am begging ...
Love me like a hot day, Shine me like you will liquefy the whole of my soul
Don't spark me like a sweet sweater
I don't wanna lose you in spring
I want your cold heart

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