Thinking Out Loud (Falling In Love By Misterious Way)

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I choose where to falling in love
I choose when to smile and musing deeply to the mesencephalon
Handle all the unstable motions by gaze away from personal sight of first impression
Deny isn't an easy way like receiving the unqualified job appliance letter
I'll be loving, always that way
To you ...
You choose who you will be falling for
You choose what you will never say about
Wasting times by replying all the girl sad story of plain advisery
Drifted to telling fascinating trip explanation
You'll be silence, like always that way
To me ...
Will break your heart to 1990 ways after May first Cherry Blossoms
Then regretted brought to you by Manchester City and Pisa Tower
I don't get the clear way she tried to stand or just release that way
Will be broken 10091990 times before the movement to Mars
Then staged to role play the only one the most desireable
I can't get clear what he choose, neither to broke me first nor being twig snapped
Glancing to both of us in their mystical eyes
Commenting the invisible romance
Currently having insensitive talk about love   
Someone will be sinking
Someone will be lost
Everyone will be no talk
Everyone will be passed by
I'll be falling for
You, will be loved
By me, I'll be linked by
You, will come back (again).

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