The Independent Youth, Rise For Dreams!

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I dedicate this post to all my friends in Indonesia that on this day, this moment and until today still strive to pursue his dream.
Indonesia has 69 years of independence. Then, how long will we have independence? My friends ...
Independence of this country as a struggle in which the heroes are the youth. Young men who have a life full of passion and a burning determination to yell independence when the people of Indonesia for 3.5 century had fallen asleep under the armpit invaders.
Youth are the hard-to-head kidnap her the number one in this country for the sake of all the people of Indonesia to boldly declare that they are independent people.
And you know, once Soekarno-Hatta also is youth. Long before they became one of the most respected by the Fathers, Mothers, Youth and Young women. They are also used to youth, youth active, reactive and responsive to all the social problems in the country. Being the president and vice president is the culmination of their hard-earned struggle.
Then, what about our national heroes who died in battle against the invaders? They are full of souls. The souls that fear. Mentally full of shame. Shame that his country viewed as weak by other nations, so afraid of the weak and oppressed and arbitrarily fooled. The soul is filled with a sense of nationalism. Most of them that is, is the youth!

Youth, our soul is spirit flames. Our thinking is in line burning explosive reaction like uranium. As high as the peak of Merapi, which covered the shade of clouds, along the fast-flowing river Musi boils down to the ocean.
Cheer up, our road is long. We often cry middle of the night, do not sleep soundly and cursing myself for feeling wrong and failed to do anything. Steer clear of those we love because they feel they do not love us, allow ourselves to be frozen in solitude. Then we reflect, we search for ourselves.
Our struggle, comrades. Is against ourselves. Ignorance, laziness, lack of want of knowledge, apathy and hedonists are invaders that we have to kill and destroy. Do not let our young people were eagerly lackluster, because we give up the pursuit of dreams. Thesis, graduation, job application and rejected love is a matter of course. We're super young! Let's just say all of the tip of the nail, underestimate them. Shortchange to consider it very easy to be overcome, the spirit we were even able to break through the wall of china, only the spirit alone? No, hard work. Do Action!
The spirit of the new capital was the main man! There is still that we have to do. Further stand, move and ran chasing the dream. Friends who I know, definitely got the spirit. It may even exceed yangs I have. If we do not have a property to be proud of, banggakanlah our knowledge, if we lack knowledge banggakanlah our passion for learning!
"If people like us do not have goals, then we will die!" Arai and my Father.

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