I will not stop you smoking anymore, No Stop Smoking More!

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I won't ask you to stop smoking anymore. Scolding and doing soft-therapy for you mayn't being ineffective more. Even how many doctor and scientist research to evidence for how dangerous is the cigratte ingredients causes bad effect for lung, heart and so for the child future.

Neither this long time you've ever hear me or not. And so who am i exactly? I am only a "talk-more" girl who never taste of how smoking is savory. I will only ask for a mess in your life. Something routine you do every time will be stopped by someone who you really don't know exactly.
So do I will not close my nose, my mouth whenever I sit close to people who smoking. I will not posting any about bad risk of smoker in their end-life. I will put no comment on cigarette stuff.
This is my surrender of doing campaign for people health by stop cigarette smoke.
By my lovely man lay down and gone away. I felt fail on struggling. It is useless to ask person who drunk to drive a car. Even you can't control your self, can you?

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