One Man World

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The apart away who has cloudy smile like first breathtaking at Mt. Merapi
An sustainability conversation about ocean and woods
wings of rays flowing following how pure is salt water trace cracks anemones
such as the dancing turtle flippers to swim against clown fish tail
there only me discover you are happy of the blue

parametrically muse of an affordable person for the right one
if i were a very rogue and wild one
but a request ask to be the good and sweet one
as promiscuous as good between hardrock and smooth jazz
when we sit in the backyard at an indigo dusk
i'll be that way if i have to be that way

it is eating time exactly
even how reflecting is the movement of two person apart away
then we will walk forward to the directions
how a new coming person truobleshooting grey nights
but i don't want to speak of anything to you
but i can't describe of anything to you
i will just telling you the various stories everyday and ask you do the same to spend our days

don't let me pass by your life
don't give that bright smile to another beautiful bay
i wanna be holded to travel to north away and take a photograph of aurora borealis
i wanna hold a gentleman hand when i hike my Mt. Semeru next day
i suppose who the man that i'll never let the world to know
neither if you're the only one man in the world

Aku ingin mencintaimu
Dengan sederhana
Dengan kata yang tak sempat
Diucapkan kayu kepada api
Yang menjadikannya abu..
Aku ingin mencintaimu
Dengan sederhana
Dengan isyarat yang tak sempat
Disampaikan awan kepada hujan
Yang menjadikannya tiada

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