(Be Dead, You!) Matilah Kau !

4:27 AM Etna Khairullah 0 Comments

I put on my blood
I'm kind of one cold bone with tight rope you tied me hanged on the big tree above cliff
Ready to be killed
Kill me anywhere you want it
With your vodoo spirit
Haunt me with the soul eaters you kept
Now I'm ready to die
Torture me wherever I am
On the biggest pain to be threaten
Stress me and push me down away
Now I was desperated over
Wait, why you statically unmove yet?
I was waiting unpatiently
Where is it?
I want the sorrows you promise me
Where have you gone away?
Wait, Don't run away from me !
Torture me, Kill me !
Wait, I forgot .
I was already dead.
Before you're died.

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