What cruise we sailing onto?

2:30 AM Etna Khairullah 2 Comments

there will be a way to meet up
there will be a way love much
as long as the ocean still have its bay
and the bridge has a captain to controlling the ship movement

where do love sailing onto?
to a big stormy ocean? to a calm and smooth strait? to a harbour they will be tied up
anchorage and docking is impermanently
we'll face any problematic ways for a destinations
we'll choose something make us fight for

what do you think love sailing for?
just for some sea cruises? or bravely bewildered by the waves? and look for something undiscovered before
obviously it isn't a trial
absolutely it isn't a game

now or as soon as it will be
we'll crush a big iceberg when go to northern and hit the big coral at the southern
so, captain!
why don't you give love a chance? or why you let love come in? if you don't want to sail.

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