Humanize Machine

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How much trouble try to settle me down, i keep walk on that through hurting and losing hopes. To be unbreakable is uneasy.
What words come out of people mouth can't push me down, my ear to deaf. Whatever the way people look at me can't change my thought, i'm clearly can see where in a light space unless i'm not blind.
How hard to make money and suffix materials to run life, i stand out. As long as my father said as we still have heart and mind, gratitude we're alive.
But the key of life is believing and achieve. When believe that something happen of our consequences, it must be do everything good in life. So they'll turn back for us as well. So do like believing a person. By hoping that they'll keep our belief by also keeping their word is enough. They don't have to always be there. So do us, don't have to always do what they want us to do. By believing we can achieve. By achieve we got one more better lesson of life. We are human, always need to keep in touch, how hard life goes on to. I am a human, I just need your arm to hold onto.

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