Nasi Island Care Project (Part I:Youth Social Project in Aceh)

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Indonesia is one country in the world that has been granted by God Almighty in the form of natural resources that exist on land , water , and air that is in the territory of Indonesia . Indonesian civilization has more than 68 years and its behavior based on the nation's cultural independence ideology, Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution . Ideals to be realized is the realization of a fair livelihood and prosperous nation both materially and spiritually . As a country which is under construction and developing , Indonesia perform development is essentially complete Indonesian human development and the development of Indonesian society based on Pancasila . As an island nation with 80 % of its territory and 20 % in the form of a marine land, the biggest potential threat to the sovereignty and territory of Indonesia are in the sea . This percentage becomes higher threat due to the geographical position of Indonesia is on the path of world trade . Each day , hundreds of thousands of boats both commercial and military vessels in Indonesian waters passing through the Sea Lanes of Communication ( SLOC ) and Sea Lines of Oil Trade ( SLOT ) .Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia, which also has a lot of potential for ecotourism through its islands are exotic . One small island is the famous Nasi Island , located in the northeast of the island of Sumatra and in the northwest Weh Island . Nasi Island coordinates are 53 ° 7'0 "N and 95 ° 7'0 " longitude . Nasi island is administratively included in the subdistrict of Pulo Aceh , Aceh Besar .With these premises , need to be developed sense of nationalism to the people in the Rice Island . GAM ever made ​​Nasi island as his headquarters would leave little generation of people who are still under the influence of the GAM . In addition, the island lies at the edge Nasi Indonesia also influence this issue . Fostering a sense of nationalism that will help build and maintain a national defense Nasi Island communities through entrepreneurship education and the potential for marine tourism on the island .foundation Activity1 . Law No. 6 of 1974 on the Principles of Social Welfare .2 . Law No. 39 Year 1999 on Human Rights .3 . Law No. 20 Year 2003 on National Education System .4 . Results show the percentage of group 5 in LNRPB / KPN Sail Komodo 2013 Ministry of Youth and Sports .
Target ActivityThe purpose of the activities in this proposal are as follows .1 . Increase the sense of nationalism in Nasi Island .2 . Nasi Island boost the economy by introducing and promoting nautical tourism on the island .benefitThe benefits of this proposal are as follows .1 . Increase social welfare by empowering local communities with entrepreneurship .2 . Efforts to promote marine tourism potential in Nasi Island .3 . Add insight coastal communities , especially Nasi Island , about the resilience of nationalism .4 . Improve coastal infrastructure .5 . Increase awareness and empower young people of Indonesia to the improvement and development of public education in Indonesia.
Shape and Target Activity1 . The Read House Red and White

Red and White house Read is a program of non-formal education services through the provision of learning in Nasi Island . This program is a concept that combines the read value of education , culture , creativity , and character development of nationalism for the children who live in coastal and rural areas that have limited access to the library . Read through the house , we want to improve the quality of education in Indonesia by encouraging the spirit of change agents among the youth and the children of Indonesia , as well as giving them semanagat defend the state to help them . We also teach them about the culture of Indonesia , such as traditional dances , traditional musical instruments or forgotten folk song which starts today .

Read this with our house wanted to prove that the limitations of instructional media , children in coastal areas could get as good as the quality of education in urban children .2 . Edu -Travel

Edu -Travel is an educational travel program in Nasi Island for foreign tourists or domestic tourists . Edu -travel not only provides an opportunity for tourists to enjoy the natural resources and potentials as well as gain new knowledge and experience for Rice Island , but also provide an opportunity for tourists to teach science as well as his talents to the children on the island of Rice . The program aims to increase national and foreign tourists to know more about the potential and wealth in Nasi Island .

The activities - activities in Edu -Travel is as follows :

1 ) Visit the tourist attractions ( museums or historic sites )2 ) home stay community3 ) Swimming and snorkeling4 ) Teaching at Home Read Hope .

The place and time of activitiesThe place and time of activities is as follows :1 . The Read House Red and WhiteTime : January 11, 2014 and onwardsVenue: Nasi Island , Aceh2 . edu Travel

Time : 11-19 January 2014

Venue: Nasi Island , Aceh

Each sponsorship is required to sign the sheet willingness to participate .
Sponsor willingness to be received by no later than the date the committee on : December 6, 2013If the partnership agreement made ​​after the deadline above, the sponsor will lose points in the form of a poster and leaflet contra . And can be replaced with another contra accordance with the agreement without reducing the value of initial links

Final certainty sponsor participation on December 11, 2013.
Sponsor delivery of design ( logos , slide / advertising , etc. ) is limited to the December 13, 20135 . Payment is made in two stages:Stage 1 : Pay the down payment of at least 50 % of the contract value , payable upon signing of the agreement .Phase 2 : Remaining payments submitted no later than 1 week prior to the implementation of activities , and can be paid as much as 2 times .

Sponsor materialsa. Sponsor materials provided by the sponsor and must be approved by the committeeb . Sponsor materials can be provided by the Committeec . The committee is not responsible for errors if the sponsor received publications of the Committee in the form of sod . Sponsor materials are not allowed to use words like advocate : eat , drink , buy , etc.e . Publicity materials must be submitted to the committee by the date specified
Contact Person:
Lutfi Achdiyan Fahmi ( Chief Executive ) 08,562,004,633

The committee did not rule out the occurrence of cooperation in the form of degan sponsor another offered8 . Repayment and deliveryContractual agreement executed by the chairman of the committee and their staff with the company concerned .

Cancellation Sponsorship· From The Sponsorsa. Sponsors that have paid off totaldi pay advance , 60 % belong to the committeeb . Sponsor is not paid in full before the day of the total cost , 75 % belong to the committeec . Resignation after the date of December 27, 2013 subject to full payment penaltiesd . Beyond the foregoing, the committee has the right to determine the wisdom· From the Party CommitteeWill be refundable received by the committee10 . Force MajeurIn case of Force Majeur , among others, caused riots, natural disasters , strikes and other matters beyond the ability of the committee , so as to influence and lead to delays in the implementation of activities , then all parties are not entitled to compensation .

Payment can be made via bank transfer to :Mandiri SyariahNo.rekening : 091746.4971CP :

Ettna S Khairullah (081991592192)

email :

Indonesia is one country in the world that has been granted by God Almighty in the form of natural resources that exist on land , water or in the air that are in the territory of the island Indonesia.Salah in Indonesia which have still not received more attention from the government is an island rice which is located in the province. island rice is still not getting the attention of the local government but has the potential of natural and marine incredible . In terms of education , access , infrastructure and education at Rice Island is still a concern and requires a lot of attention . one of the programs on offer is a program based on the National Defense Edupreneurship to the community that is in Nasi Island . Edupreneurship or Entrepreneurship Education is in the form of education to local communities and the development of entrepreneurial potential of existing natural resources that make an area that would potentially natural resources and human resources can be developed prekonomianya and with common goals to keep a sense of nationalism .

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