What's So Lovely In My Lil'City? (Tanjungpinang The Gurindam Cityville)

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My city isn't so big like Jakarta, Surabaya or Maybe Yogyakarta. But I got something from it when you can't find anywhere. Even if you had the map of Indonesia, you can't find clearly find where's my city located. Well, I'm not sad, factually it's just a small town of capital Riau Archipelago Province. The govermental center, exactly. But when you landed your shoes here, you would never imagine this kind of places to you find inforgetable place you've ever visited. This is my lovely city, where you can come but you can't home ... Because here is your new home!

Few beautiful things:

1. Waiting for sunset while coffee-ing with your buddies

Warm air, smooth wind then blows your face while you're chatting with your friend talk about no what, the sun is accompanying you to waste your end of daylight. Ocean Corner (Tepi Laut) was a place for many youths spend their leisure times to only sitting down, maybe for dating or only some peer group activity, the biggest crowdy place at the moment of sunset comes. One special name of Ice tea in my town anywhere you order, they just famous as Teh Obeng. Drink your Teh Obeng and countdown for sunset, Amazing!

2. Escape to Blue Underworld Paradise

Hey, even you can't believe what I said is a truth! But this is the view when I woke up in the morning stayed at my adopted parents. A fivestar resort view. What a perfect life! Don't envy of me please hahaaa... Anyway, this stunning beach named trikora beach. Trikora beach located anywhere as long about 20kms bayshore areas. It has 4 beach district which lying you different view of ocean. Rocky, Sandy, Wavy and Hot Beach! You don't have to drive miles away. Just 45 minutes ... Hey unless you got best satisfaction waiting! Then if you want more stunning experince, try touch the bottom of the ocean. Boat for 35 minutes to Beralas Pasir Island, another stunning litle paradise opposites to Trikora beach. Where you can find many sea creatures and the beauty of its coral will be making you stay dive!

3. Mie Lendir and Laksa!

Talk of travelling, talk of food. The upper picture is Laksa. It's super tasty when the Sagoo noodles melted inside your hungry mouth along with curry fish seasoning. The mixture of Malay and India culinary. Then following picture is Mie Lendir (Mucus Noodles) sounds like muddy and slimy, but I'm serious it's faboulously tasty! The tarnished seasoning comes from starch gravy boiled with some blended earthnuts. Nice and suitable for breakfast, lunch and your dinner! So easy to find it anywhere here, as long the foodstore owner is a Malay-man.

4. Penyengat Island, The Home of Malay Kingdom History

"Tanjungpinang kota gurindam negeri pantun" (Tanjung pinang the home of Gurindam the house of Gurindam Poems) is a city motto. Beneath as a growing city it doesn't make the people forget their bornt land and cultures. Penyengat island is still a part of Tanjungpinang city though separated of the land. But you can see directly the island when you're waiting for sunset at Tepi Laut. This Gurindam island were the biggest Malay kingdom center ever. The conquery reached to Sabah and Pahang Malaysia, and Dumai Riau. Feel the journey back to past times when you visit many historical intacted and ruinned buildings, never been renovated to keep it naturally. Except one biggest mosque, Sultan Riau Big Mosque as the native spiritual daily consume. World and the next run with balanced. Well, that so! A litle description of my lovely city. What are you waiting for? Board your seat and flight, my litle city also has airport buddy, don't have to worry where to landing! A hommy land of missingable and fascinating places to go. Even so much native said, "south, east, west and north all ocean! You stucked and can't go no where" i have no idea they would leave ... So you would! :)

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